How We Work

Project Discussion

At very first we are discussing about the main fundamental structure of your requirements and the features, functionality,number of page of you want, website color,theme,logo design discussion.we believe in quality work so it is very important to understand your need. Discussion is the only way to clarify doubts.

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Project Documentation

After listening all your requirements,we summaries all make a all bulet points for design and development. Make a whole project structural, Design and development details will be specify in the project documentation. Where it will be consist from the logo , frontend design and development flow, backend development flow, features along time frame and price quotation.we will share this documentation in 1-2 days from the day we are discussing the project.

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Payment Procedure

Once you received the project documentation ,please get through all the details. Once you confirmed the project documentation to go ahead and start the project. we will start the initial process of development and for the payment process you just need to pay the initial 25 % amount of the project quotation and when we have completed our front-end ddesign and development yet to start the backend development then you need to pay the rest 35% of the payment and when we live the website in Google search engine then you will be pay for the rest final payment of the project .

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Design Implementation

In the designing phase we are collecting the theme as per your bussniss requirement,color prefferecens,logo design . We have follow the trendy version of design pattern and using the best designing tools for the UI design,once we have completed the designing part we have check the design to you . Until or unless you are not satisfy with the design pattern we are keep changing the design till you will satisfy with the design pattern ,color and logo design.

Techspheresoft Team

Frontend development

Once you have approved the UI design then we are going to start the frontend development accordingly and apply all the features along with LOGO . All the front end development will be from the sctrach . Once we successfully deploy all the UI and developed the frontend we have go ahead to start the backend development.

Techspheresoft Team

Backend Deployment

Successfully completed the frontend developement part we are now going to start implement all the features funcality and make the fully custom made admin panel for you where you can access all the content management control in your hand.

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Debugging Phase

After completing all the backend development process it is time to testing the features and funcationlity is working properly or not . We beleive in the quality so it is very important to testing all the attributes are present in the project are working properly. We do atleast 10 times revise the frontend and backend before hand over the project to you your requirements is our first top most priority.

Techspheresoft Team

Project live on google search engine

After successfull of project testing and debugging we are now read to go live your brand new website for you and hand over all the credentials to youYour website will be live on internet and ready to visible to the global audience.

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